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Keep The Mud Off


Bombardier has just released a slick fender extension kit for their Outlander and Outlander Max.

This kit includes four fender extensions and all the mounting hardware, including instructions. The kit goes on in about 30 minutes and provides what we’ve found to be outstanding additional mud protection.

The Outlander’s front fenders are fairly small out of the box and, if you’ve fitted aftermarket wheels and tires like we have, you’re absolutely going to need these extensions. The good news is this: the kit looks great with or without aftermarket wheels and tires.

Contact your local Bombardier BRP ATV dealer.

What? A 1000cc ATV?


Rumors are rampant throughout the industry of even bigger ATV engines in the works. It makes sense rumors would surface of bigger powerplants after the blockbuster introductions of Kawasaki’s new 750 Brute Force and the Polaris Sportsman 800.

Understanding how rumors originate and giving some weight to the reasoning we’ve given here for these rumors, we’d like to fuel the fire with this comment: we believe there’s a 1000 cc V-Twin Sport Utility ATV in the works at one of the OEM’s test sites right now.

We’re convinced this mega-beast will surface as a production model in the next 18 to 24 months.

Fuel Injected ATVs Taking Over?


Covered in the new issue of All-Terrain Vehicle magazine are two very exciting electronically fuel injected ATVs.

Polaris knocked the ATV world on its ear last year with the intro of the 700 EFI Sportsman. Hard on the heels of the 700 EFI, Polaris has introduced a second variant, the 800 EFI twin.

Now Suzuki’s new King Quad 700 offers EFI. Bombardier – is hinting it will focus all of its future ATV engine technology on EFI engines. Here’s what’s going on industry-wide.

Environmental reality looms and it means we’ll be seeing an explosion of EFI models over the next two years. In essence, they’re saying no more carbureters. Look for rapid fire introductions of EFI technology in next year’s models.

Ryan’s ATV Racks Add To Product Lineup


Ryan’s ATV Racks of Lindstrom Minnesota recently announced the addition of two new products to their impressive arsenal; The Hand-E-House and The Basket Plus.

The Hand-E-House is a fishing hut that attaches conveniently to the same bracket as the Hand-E-Hauler on the back of your ATV. It measures 36” wide by 72” tall and 72” deep; has telescopic poles for easy setup and take-down, a zipper door for easy access, and is tall enough for most people to stand up and move around in.

The Basket Plus attaches easily to Ryan’s rear-mounted ATV rack system. This new Basket Plus is both a Basket and Bucket rack showing Ryan’s continuing trend to stay versatile and save you money! It is great for Ice Fishing, Hunting, Camping, and on the Farm.

Visit Tim Ryan at www.ryansatvracks.com to see recently been updated photos and information! Contact Rtan’s ATV Racks to request a free demo CD featuring their growing product lineup.

C-Series Available in 9-inch and Black Finish


ITP has expanded its highly successful C-Series one-piece aluminum wheel line with the introduction of an all-new 9-inch size as well as a third finish option—black—on both its 9- and 10-inch models.

The addition of a 9×8 size in two common bolt patterns (4/110 and 4/115) means owners of most popular Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha sport machines will have a much greater range of rear tire selection. Not surprisingly, the 9-inch C-Series is also slightly lighter than the 10-inch.

A stylish, durable black powder-coat finish adds to customization possibilities, joining the C-Series line’s machined and polished options. This black finish is available on the 9×8, 10×5 and 10×8 C-Series models.

For a copy of ITP’s full-color product catalog, call toll-free: 1-800-859-4740 or visit itptires.com.

OFATV Announces 2004 Annual Easter Seals Event

John Broderick, President of the OFATV is proud to announce the 2004 Annual Easter Seals Event. The 2004 event is being sponsored by Honda Canada. Over $10,000.00 in product and prizes will be available at this event. The host club for this year’s event is Central Ontario ATV Club (formerly known as the Georgian Trail Riders).

Honda Canada has generously donated a 2004 TRX350FE – MSRP of $7,899. Other Prizes, donations and sponsors may be reviewed on our website at www.ofatv.org Winners will be announced in ATV magazines and on our website.

A portion of the proceeds from this event will go to support the Easter Seals Foundation. Easter Seals provides services to children and adults with disabilities and other special needs, and support to their families’ www.easterseals.org

Polaris Goes Military

Polaris Industries was awarded a 5-year, $10.3 million contract by the United States Department of Defense’s Special Operations Command for the production and delivery of up to 700 Polaris all-terrain vehicles. U.S. military forces in Afghanistan and Iraq currently use Polaris ATVs.

The agreement, a result of more than two years of collaborative design work with Special Operations Command (SOCOM), includes the Polaris Sportsman MV (Military Version) model designed specifically for military use. The MV boasts the chassis and engine of a standard Sportsman 700 but incorporates a number of unique features, making it ideal for military use in all types of terrain.

Each Sportsman MV features: infrared lights for enhanced night vision, a roll bar, run-flat tires, keyless ignition, a fortified steel exoskeleton and enhanced suspension for increased protection and the ability to cover rough terrain. Metal front and back racks able to carry twice the cargo of a standard all-terrain vehicle, front and rear winches capable of towing 2,500 lbs. each and increased fuel capacity for longer range travel are all part of the package.

“We’re honored to do our part to help defend the United States of America by providing the world’s toughest ATVs to the world’s toughest military,” said Tom Tiller, Polaris CEO and president. “Polaris builds ATVs capable of withstanding rigorous use on some of the world’s toughest terrain. The confidence our nation’s military has in our product gives this company a tremendous amount of pride.”

The agreement also includes Polaris Sportsman 6×6 models modified to meet military specifications. Polaris began producing finished MVs in March of 2003, and has supplied hundreds of additional models to other branches of the military based on existing RANGER 6×6, Sportsman 6×6 and Sportsman 500 models.


ITP’s Holeshot MXR has set the standard for highperformance rear motocross tires since its inception.

ITP now delivers the knockout punch with the release of the all-new Holeshot MXR4. Developed with input from the factory race teams, the Holeshot is designed specifically for today’s race-ready 450cc 4- strokes.

A stiffened knob and reinforced carcass work in perfect harmony with the high torque output of these new machines, resulting in less knob flex, more consistent cornering characteristics and exceptional traction on a wide variety of surfaces.

And all of this is accomplished using an all-new, speciallformulated tread compound to deliver considerablylonger tire life.

The results speak for themselves—just ask Doug Gust or Jeremiah Jones, winners of 7 out of the 8 ATVA Grand National Championship MX events held to date!

The Holeshot MXR4 is available in 18×10-8 and 18×10-9 sizes, as well as two all-new, ground–breaking 19-INCH SIZES: 19×10-9 and 19×10-10! Racers will soon find that this is the ultimate setup for rougher, sandier tracks.

A bigger footprint enhances traction, while the larger circumference more efficiently rolls over bumps and holes. This is a bold step forward in the search for high-performance closed-course handling and traction! Are you ready for Southwick?

visit ITP’s website at www.itptires.com.

Two New Kodiaks

Well, it’s here! Maybe a better description would be… they’re here! Yamaha has just introduced two new Kodiaks with independent rear suspension.

Both the 450 and 400 will be available as IRS models for 2005 sporting dual parallel A-arms in the rear and a rear sway bar. Minor changes to the frame and a whole new rear chassis clip set the new Kodies apart from their ancestors.

Not only has suspension travel been increased but there’s considerably more ground clearance with the new models. This move will put Yamaha right in the hunt in both the 400 and 500 class.

As you may know, the Kodiak is a stellar handler and has always offered best in class low weight plus great power. These new IRS models will offer all of the above with a much improved rear suspension. Great news.

Club Car 4×4

Club Car, of Augusta, Georgia has officially entered the 4-wheel drive market by unveiling the XRT 1500 4×4 rough-terrain vehicle. The XRT 1500 utilizes Club Car’s exclusive IntelliTrak transmission to deliver fully automatic, on-demand 4×4.

The transmission continually senses driving conditions and automatically engages and disengages 4-wheel drive without requiring the driver to stop and shift gears or lock differentials. The vehicle is available with either a 20 hp, 614cc Honda gas engine or a 20 hp, 719cc Kubota diesel.

Hydraulic disc brakes are used on all four wheels and the XRT uses double wishbones up front and a swingarm suspension in the rear. The manufacturer claims a top speed of 25 mph.

For more information or to find a local dealer, call 1-800-800-1227 or go to www.clubcar.com.