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Despite continuing economic realities there is significant investment in new products and new technology coming from some of the ATV and SxS manufacturers.

At the Hickory, North Carolina launch of the G2 Outlander, Can-Am rolled out a totally re-engineered G2 Renegade powered by either of the Rotax 800 and 1000 mills!

As if it wasn’t enough for the company to invest millions in the Outlander, it kept its foot on the loud pedal and made the move to improve the performance of the Renegade as well.

The result is a radically improved and extremely appealing Renegade, devoid of off-throttle rear wheel hop and vastly reduced front dive under hard braking.

The Renegade G2 is sprung and valved slightly stiffer than the Outlander G2 but rides several degrees smoother and is much more balanced than the old Renegade.

What might be a little confusing is the sneaky way Can-Am was able to wrap the existing Renegade skin, with only two subtle tweaks at the floorboards and rear fenders, around the new G2 architecture.

The result is, Can-Am enthusiasts will be able to identify the Renegade G2 right away while those who are less Can-Am aware will need to get up close to appreciate its all-new wide-arm TTi rear suspension and anti-dive non-parallel A-arm front suspension.

One more thing: Because the Renegade G2 comes with the 1000 Rotax you can expect heroic wheelies, powerslides and sick acceleration. More coming on DirtTrax TV.

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