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If you’ve checked out the General 4 online, you’ve no doubt scanned its price, too. If you haven’t, better hold onto your hat. This is a pricey vehicle.

Obviously, Polaris has pulled out all the stops to offer a high performing SxS with its maximum powerplant (although not turbocharged) and the very best electronic, mechanical and comfort features out there.

However, price is king and, at this tag, the General 4 may be reserved for the most elite of buyers. Not elite in that they demand everything available – more so, elite in that not many people can afford to shell out this kind of money.

Thus, the market for the General 4 may be restricted somewhat and a broad segment of potential buyers will never get to experience the goodness of this 4-seater. That is, unless they have a rich friend who owns one.

For those who do buy one, they will be getting a beautiful SxS, thoughtfully designed and meticulously executed. Our testing of single-row Generals has proven them to be utility vehicles that come within an inch of being pure performance rides.

You can read elsewhere on these pages about our own General project that, with a few mods, some major, some minor, turned the Gen into a full-fledged high performance vehicle with very little compromise.

We found Polaris’ choice of power an interesting study. Going with the maximum displacement DOHC twin Polaris offers, it automatically puts the General into a specified slot.

This is a fast, strong performing vehicle that even when loaded with four humans and a bed-full of gear, can run trails and hills without coughing.

This engine pumps out 100-hp and has suspension to match. There’s 12.25 inches travel up front and 13.2 at the rear. Better yet, Polaris is using Fox Podium QS3 3-position adjustable gas shocks at all corners. These shocks are incredible in that you can make huge differences in the way the General rides with three easy clicks of the compression adjusters.

Think about this: You and a passenger are heading to the hunt camp with your gear and the trail is rough. On the way you’re picking up two more passengers plus their gear and you want to make up some time.

The extra weight could slow you down but all you have to do is get out and turn the shock adjusters up one notch and ride is restored. Each notch makes a significant difference in the Gen’s ride quality and it’s super-easy to ensure all adjusters are tuned the same.

Fact is, the shock package on the Gen-4 turns out to be reasonable justification for its price. Off the shelf from the aftermarket these shocks would easily be in the $2,000.00 range for a set of four.

It’s pretty obvious the designers knew one thing prospective buyers’ harp about is rear seat legroom. From the outset it was priority-one to make sure it was comfortable back there, thus the General 4 sits on a 113-inch wheelbase allowing plenty of space in the backseat and leftover room so none of the front seat comfort is compromised, either. Likewise, the cargo bed remains roomy. It’s over 43 inches long, fully tilts and has a beefy tailgate.

Inside the cab, there’s excellent digital instrumentation, four buckets with front adjustability for the driver – and a tilt wheel. There’s even LED floor lights.

Polaris has also been really careful to include plenty of secure storage in the cab – and the best part – excellent hinged doors that provide coverage nearly right up to the passengers’ shoulders.

We could talk about the 4,500-lb winch (yes, you read that correctly), power steering and the nice, blacked-out aluminum wheels or the Black Pearl paint job, but the big story here is that the General 4 1000 is the premium deal in every category of comparison – and because of that, it will cost you.

Mark Lester
Mark Lester
Mark Lester is Co-Publisher of SUPERTRAX Magazine and a regular Host on Dirt Trax TV.

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