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There’s a surprising buzz around Can-Am’s 2015 Outlander 6×6 that quite frankly we didn’t expect.

After our first ride aboard the Outlander 6×6 in Finland last season we were thoroughly impressed with its ride, handling and fun factor. However, we were curious to see how it would be received once it reached the shores of North America.

Daily emails from our fans and nearly 200,000 views on our YouTube video have made it clear Can-Am identified a weak spot in the market and pounced on it.

With its only other competitor and the originator of the 6×6 segment being the Polaris Big Boss, we have to wonder if Polaris will respond to Can-Am’s 6×6 with updates of its own.

First off, what if Polaris used the XP chassis as it’s starting point? This would immediately provide the opportunity to tuck its proven DOHC 850cc mill under the seat.

It would also offer improved seating comfort with the narrower saddle and bigger foot-space thanks to the longitudinally mounted engine.

It also leaves the door open to plant the 1000cc powerhouse found in the Scrambler XP 1000. Besides this, the XP platform would add potential for EPS, better instrumentation and a host of other features like sweet wheels and updated meats.

There’s also an opportunity to innovate the cargo bed and carrying capacity and add more ground clearance to close gaps between the current Big Boss and the Outlander 6×6.

Hey, you’re probably thinking: Why all the hype about a “utility-biased ATV? Here’s why: The biggest surprise about the Outlander 6×6 was how much fun it was to play with as a recreational vehicle.

Aside from its incredible traction and utility capabilities, to a man, our test riders all told us they’d have a blast riding it every day on trails.

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Mike Lester
Mike Lester
Mike Lester is Staff Photographer and Digital Content Manager for Dirt Trax TV. He is also a Contributing Editor and Guest Correspondent on the show.

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