Power Steering on More Models?

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No question about it, power steering is a big hit and will be copied by more ATV builders soon.

With Yamaha’s all-new power steering equipped 700 Grizzly already capturing strong sales in the Big Bore Sport-Utility market, it’s not hard to draw a line through this package and come up with a smaller 500cc powered variant maybe to be introduced soon.

The 450 Kodiak (known as the Grizzly 450 in the US market) is in need of an update and we suspect the new 700’s lithe and nimble IRS chassis would make a good place to hang a slightly bigger 500cc replacement for the tried and true 421cc Kodie-Grizzly 450.

We also think Yamaha could pull a fast move on the UTV market by offering power steering on the Rhino 660. This would mean the Big Y could use a lower lock to lock steering ratio and make the Rhino a quick handler in the tight stuff.

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