Ego and Rookie Riders

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I ride all over the USA and Canada and have ridden in Jamaica and Mexico as well and there’s always an air of ego amongst ATVers no matter what country I’m in.

If I’m asked, I usually try to share whatever advice I can offer to eliminate errors less experienced riders may make and also to ease first time jitters and keep the entire group safe on the ride.

Doesn’t matter if it’s at a hunt camp or at a pay-and-ride location, there’s always one person who will never admit they’re in over their head as a new rider.

Seems folks think just because they’re riding an ATV or SXS they have to prove things to other more experience figures in the group.

No matter which vehicle I choose, ATV or SXS, there’s at least one person who’ll say they can ride anything and have been riding their whole life. When they finally get on the machine I notice a very familiar look of frustration and fear as we head out on the ride.

It doesn’t take long to figure out they actually have zero experience or simply lack the ability to ride the terrain I picked and were just too embarrassed to share that small yet important bit of information.

So what’s the right move? Should I patiently ask if I can help or just sit back and watch an accident unfold?

Bottom line is, if you have a chance to ride an ATV or SXS and you’re inexperienced, don’t try to do everything an experienced rider would because eventually the trail or vehicle will expose your weakness.

If you don’t understand how to operate high/low gear, switch from 2WD to 4WD or are unsure when to use the brakes, don’t start the machine until someone has gone over this with you.

Furthermore, if there’s any part of a trail system you cannot navigate safely then simply don’t do it! Bury your ego, be honest with yourself and you’ll be on your way to becoming a better rider.

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