How Fast Is Fast Enough?

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When the All-Terrain Vehicle Magazine crew attended the new Can-Am introduction earlier this spring in Georgia we were allowed to drool over and rev-up but not ride a couple of the race team’s factory mod Outlanders exclusively built for flat-out desert racing.

These things were just too horny for words, featuring trick stuff from front to back. Interestingly, these modified 4x4s had the front diff and half shafts removed. We were told 100 MPH was not out of reach with these highly altered vehicles.

How much horsepower does it take to go that fast on four wheels? Unofficially speaking (that means BRP doesn’t want you to talk about this to your power crazed friends) these modified Outlander 800 V-twin EFI engines were putting out a rumored 80-85 horsepower! Yikes.

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