How Strong Is Kymco’s Dealer Network?

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We’ve heard comments that fast growing Kymco doesn’t have enough dealers.

The fact is, if you do a search on Kymco’s own website, you’ll find there are very few areas not serviced by a Kymco dealer. In most cases, there are as many Kymco dealers as there are other brands.

The list is growing in numbers, too. One of the dealers we spoke to recently, who has been selling other brands for years, commented that since some of the Japanese manufacturers have slowed down on promoting their products, he picked up a Kymco dealership because “they are promoting the daylights out of their ATV and UTV line-ups”.

He further commented that he’s found the Kymco product to be priced really well and his customers are reporting reliability and quality is on a par with anything else out there.

You could probably draw a comparison line through what has happened in the automobile business since Hyundai and Kia have gained such respectability in the marketplace.

Those brands are handing a butt-kicking to established companies like Honda, Mazda and Nissan now that they’ve become trusted for their service and quality.

We spoke to a GM car dealer who owns a Kia franchise, too, and he said his Kia dealership is much more profitable and his customers are much more enthusiastic about those products than his GM stuff.

If we could look into a crystal ball, we’d likely see that Kymco will gain an even stronger foothold in the market over the next few years.

We’ve tested Kymco vehicles head to head with some long established brands and the results are impressive.

Feature for feature and when you compare price tags, Kymco has arrived and if it continues to service more markets with more model selections, look out!

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