Is Power Steering Necessary Or Just Fluff?

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There’s probably a large group of readers who will respond by saying that power steering on an ATV isn’t something they really need. Our guess is that most of those people have never ridden an ATV with electric steering assistance.

Fact is, those who have had the opportunity to sample it for any length of time will tell you they simply can’t live without it.

Big difference in opinion, but our experience has taught us that the rougher the terrain you’re riding on, the more you appreciate this most-demanded feature. This especially holds true if the gnarly trails you’re riding extend into an all-day ride.

The reduction in arm fatigue and overall body hits from long distance trail junk impacts transferring into your upper body allows the rider to maintain mental focus longer and flat-out ride better.

Some would argue that EPS just adds to the price and kills the simplicity of a design by adding more weight and a greater risk of another ATV system failing. Good point, but we think the trade-off is well worth it.

Riding an ATV is a truly unique experience and it’s unique because of the types of ground riders traverse. Few other motorized activities allow riders to go deep into areas where it would be almost impossible to gain access by foot, let alone on a vehicle.

Although EPS won’t prevent you from getting hung up or stuck, it will allow you to take lines you wouldnÂ’t necessarily attempt on an ATV without it.

The truth is, although power steering makes steering effort a lot easier, it isn’t as important in straight ahead, smooth trail applications as it is in extreme gnarl where handlebar whip is a big factor.

The dampening effect of EPS in these situations can save a rider from sprained fingers and a sore gut when the handlebars are suddenly buried in your stomach from an unexpected rock hit.

It also allows much easier brake modulation under extreme stopping efforts on off-camber terrain or slick-to-dry surface transitions where you can get sudden lurches or twists in the bars as the wheels break loose.

The market is telling us (and every manufacturer) that EPS is a necessity and something buyers are willing to pay extra for.

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