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Sometimes I go searching for an older maybe once popular, but now forgotten ATV to fix up – as if I really need one more project.

I rarely find a deal of the century, but it’s really cool to look around at how some once wonderful rides end up.

I have not yet listed myself as a dismantler or scrapper and keeping a license to be able to bid on these things can be a bit expensive. One company I ran across didn’t require a license to bid, however they wanted you to deposit a minimum of one thousand dollars in order to place your bid!

I’m not overly trusting when it comes to sending money to a third party like that, but I guess this may be the only way I’m going to be able to bid.

Some auctions were for heavily damaged ATV and SXS vehicles that wouldn’t have been that hard to repair except the insurance company had written them off. The price the insurance companies paid each owner for the damaged ATV or SXS can be seen at most auctions and it seems they’ve received close to replacement price on each one.

From this I started to notice just how many ATV owners carry insurance on their rides. I’ve never really thought much about keeping a separate insurance program for my ATVs.

I guess if I had become victim of a theft or maybe a really crazy crash where the ride was demolished it might come in handy, but again I really have never considered it. Maybe I should.

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