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Face it, there’s a little cheating going on in every sport and while there is competition there will always be someone seeking an advantage.

With the recent headlines surrounding a particular athlete’s fall from grace, the clouds rolled in and it seemed as if doomsday had moved to our doorstep.

As far as our off road world is concerned how many series promoters enforce the tear down rule if there’s a protest? They may facilitate a tear down but just how many protests actually lead to this? If you knew exactly what your competition was hiding in the cases of its engines you might be shocked. Maybe your competition would be surprised at what you’re hiding too!

Each class has a set of rules and guidelines for a reason. Illegal advantages are bad for any sport, but if a team tuned its gearbox or engine a little differently to gain an advantage, but it was still within the legal rules then I really cannot help being a bit curious and perhaps a bit envious.

Bottom line is cheating is not acceptable and maybe people should just work on their skills instead of relying on enhancements.

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