Polaris Outlaw 500 – Identity Crisis?

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The introduction of the Outlaw is a bold step in the right direction for the ATV market. It singlehandedly bridges the gap between the narrow minded, competition oriented Pure Sport segment and the just-for-fun Sport-Utility segment.

The Outlaw provides a real world, testosterone injected, bare chested, aggressive performance crossover ATV that can do many things, not just one or two, very well.

The problem Polaris will face is this: While the Outlaw is a truly competent trail-oriented Pure Sport ATV as a result of its innovative IRS, it is just as macho and bad as the other 450 class Pure Sports it will be continually compared to.

Some may struggle with believing this before giving the Outlaw its due. While the Outlaw is clearly a bad-boy, it really can’t be compared to the other players in this class. It’s actually in a class by itself.

Can Polaris convince ATV buyers the Outlaw is both a competent Pure Sport shredder and a Sport-Utility tag-along?

We’ve said this before: Only 8-percent of Pure Sport riders actually race their 4-wheelers. Will the other 92-percent give the Outlaw a chance?

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