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Our ATV industry has come a long way from its inception and in the model year 2012 it sure is nice to know that manufacturers are seriously working on creature comforts for the driver.

I have loved the addition of power steering on ATVs ever since I first locked the differential on my Can-Am Outlander.

Navigating even for a few minutes through tough obstacles while locked in 4WD makes me appreciate it even more.

The one thing that gets me is not all power steering units are equal. The name electronic power steering has been used frequently in our industry and even though all of these units are electronically controlled they all vary in performance with some not even performing at all.

All critique and complaining aside, what is a standard that should be expected from the EPS on your ATV or UTV? Should the feel of the EPS be seamless like your car?

It wasn’t too long back that I was straining my guts out to twist the bars on my Diff-locked 4X4 ATV and with the introduction of power steering I’m hoping those days are behind me.

These days, I want power steering on anything I ride and I’m excited to think that it could get even better in the coming years.

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