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With the push to bring electric off road vehicles to the powersports market I wonder how the off road public really feel about the option.

The thought of having the quietest ride in the woods does seem nice but the restrictions of actual lengthy use of the machine can create worry.

The use of an electric UTV around a farm or large property is intriguing and having spent many hours in an electric vehicle I like the idea of it when I can stay close to a charging outlet.

My Father really enjoys his Polaris EV but he doesn’t take the machine out on 100-mile trips either. I often wondered why there hasn’t been an alternator added to the driveline to continually generate usable power to make the ride become endless.

Charging the unit every night isn’t tough and the power from the electric motor is instant but its still in its infancy in my opinion.

The cost to repair and the sheer weight may be a deterrent to some. Not to mention the water resistance of the electrics. Most of these vehicles can take a little water but not a plunge into the creek.

I guess just like the radical suspension driven SXS’s that are coming to the world of off road now, the electric off road ride has its place.

I just wonder how long it will take before we can take the woods by storm in a battery powered ride and not worry about the power supply.

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