Ryde FX SOLO Shocks for the Outlaw

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Here’s some insight as to what will be used in the suspension of the KTM powered Polaris Outlaw 525.

Our friends from Arvin/Meritor, makers of popular Ryde FX shocks sent us a set of dampers that fit right on the 500 Outlaw. We’d gamble these will be standard equipment on the 525 in 2007.

At this writing we’re not sure if the Ryde FXs will be found on both Outlaw models or just used exclusively on the 525. However, we are sure whatever they find their way onto, you’ll be happy to see them.

The new SOLO Pro series shocks offer more than just light weight and good looks. The one piece aluminum body, internal floating piston pressurized gas design offers a wide range of compression adjustability using a small flat head adjuster screw (we hope production models will include those cool Ryde FX clicker- style indexed adjuster knobs, making trail or track adjustments way- easy).

The tall, coarsely threaded aluminum bodies make preload adjustments a cinch and give you lots of room for setting preload by simply grabbing the spring and rotating with your hands.

SOLO Pro shocks will take all the abuse you’re capable of giving and will not succumb to the fade so common with cheaper steel body shocks.

Preload and compression adjustability means you can dial in the suspension to suit your individual needs and make easy adjustments when required.

Handling was not compromised at all with the removal of the Fox Podium X shocks from our 500 Outlaw test unit. In fact, the Outlaw handled far better, particularly under gnarly trail conditions and harsh trackside hits.

We think Polaris’s switch to Ryde FX is a win-win for consumers and a big step forward for the Outlaw. Our only gripe is the deletion of the piggyback reservoirs, standard on the Fox Podiums.

The piggybacks might add a little weight but they sure do look great on the long legged Outlaw. Package that up with some of those easy-to-use clicker thumbwheel adjusters and you’ve got yourself one potent, user friendly suspension package!

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