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We know ATVs are generally set up from the factory to work most efficiently with the stock rubber, but is stock always the best setup for you’re your riding style?

In desert riding, a larger tire offers more ground clearance and adds extra cushioning to the suspension of the ride. This is common practice amongst desert racers.

What about riding in the tight woods? GNCC racers use everything from 21 to 23-inch tall fronts to 20 and 22-inch tires in the rear.

Rider preference is dictated by the track conditions and almost always a taller tire can mean the difference between getting through muddy sections of trail or being stuck as the leaders come back around to lap you.

Mud racing also carries a very wide array of tire sizes and you’d think the deeper the mud, the bigger the tire you’d need to get through it, but this is not always the case.

Having attended many mud racing events I can tell you that small tires have won as many races as the huge 30-inch versions.

So what size tire do you prefer to have on your ATV?

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