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If sales are the motivating factor in any manufacturers decision to build a new model, we’ve gotta think the market will be going to more high performance off-road side by sides soon – these things are selling like creamsicles in Hawaii.

Who would be the most likely candidate to offer a Wildcat or XP 900 clone? When would it be expected to happen?

These are good questions and here’s an educated guess. We think the most likely company to jump in next would be Can-Am.

Can-Am has an incredibly powerful array of V-twin engines from 500ccs to 1000 and are really motivated by performance dominance.

It makes sense the company would offer a new Wildcat or XP900-beater with the top-of-the-line 1000 mill, but the 800 is also a super-potent engine with great performance potential in this type of vehicle.

What would it look like? We’re guessing very similar to the competition with the engine mounted to the rear of the chassis, ultra-long-travel desert forerunner style back end and stretched-out double A-arms up front.

Who else? We don’t think Yamaha is interested in this market since it’s been barraged with lawsuits and doesnÂ’t seem to want to re-invest in the SxS market beyond the current Rhino.

Kawasaki makes a lot of sense, though. The Teryx is a great starting point, has the necessary power, a good dealer network and, with an all-new buggy-style platform, could penetrate into the current hi-perf market nicely.

Roll the dice. We’re pretty sure something new is coming and it may be as soon as this fall.

Stay tuned!

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