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In It Up To Here

We had the opportunity this week to test the limits of Ramsey Winch’s ATV3000 Winch.

As classic early spring weather in Canada would dictate, there was plenty of muck to wade through on our mid week ATV adventure through the back trails of Ontario’s North. An especially challenging mire left our 700 Sportsman about 50 feet from solid earth and 2 feet deep in cake batter that completely covered the tires!

Luckily, this machine was equipped with an ATV3000 Winch. This winch has the most innovative and invaluable feature a stuck rider could ever ask for: wireless remote. The hand held remote allowed our swamped rider (yours truly) to focus on throttle and steering while a second member of the group secured the cable to a strong foothold on shore and slowly wound the cable back pulling our Sportsman out of the soup.

If we hadn’t had the ATV3000 Winch with us on this ride, we’d still be digging our ATV out today.

For more details, visit Ramsey Winch at RamseyATV.com.

Talon Off-Road Go Kart Now Available in Canada

Canadian Motorsports Importer & Distributors is introducing the successful Talon series off-road go-kart by Carter to Canada this year. After two years of very successful sales in the United States and Europe, the Talon is now available for wide distribution across Canada.

The Talon’s manufacturer, Carter Brothers Manufacturing Company, has been building go-karts in their Alabama facility since 1968. As the newest addition to the Carter line, the Talon series has been very successful since it was released two years ago. Last year 40,000 units were purchased in the United States and Europe.

Canadian Motorsports Importer & Distributors, Ltd is Carter’s Canadian distributor. For purchase or dealer inquires call 1-877-882-3774.

For more information on the full line of Carter go-karts go to canadianmotorsports.ca.

Mid-Pack EFI

Look for the emergence of more EFI engines in 2006. So far electronic fuel injection has appeared on only premium priced, big displacement Sport Utility ATVs carrying relatively high retail stickers.

Look for at least one OEM to land a mid-performance 400-500cc model with the convenience and efficiency of EFI very soon.

New Bear in the Den?

Yamaha has made big hay with the Grizzly 660 the past four model years. This fun and powerful ATV continues to sell in huge numbers. However, we think Yamaha is not getting all they can from the growing Big Bore Sport Utility marketplace with only one model in the segment.

Polaris has four (600, 700 carb, 700 EFI, 800 EFI), Kawasaki has three (Brute Force 650, 750 and KVF Prairie 700), Suzuki has two (KingQuad 700 and Twin Peaks) and Arctic Cat has two (650 Vee Twin and 650 H-1) big bore models.

We’re looking for the Grizzly to be around for some time in the future but we suspect it will be joined by a more potent and feature laden model very soon.

Look for at least a 700 to 750cc IRS, 4×4 with all the stuff you’ve come to know and love on the current Grizzly plus… EFI.

1000cc ATV Rumor


There’s tons of speculation surrounding a new, biggest ever, Sport Utility ATV about to hit the market this year.

There’s little doubt last year’s intro of the Sportsman 800 EFI and the Kawasaki Brute Force 750 signaled the escalation of engine displacement in this hot market segment.

Some industry insiders are pegging the sales of 600cc and up models at almost 25 percent of the market. For sure, there have been more introductions in the Big Bore Sport Utility segment in the past two seasons than any other model range.

Seems the ATV market can’t get enough big displacement models and apparently, big isn’t big enough… yet!

Polaris Announces New President And COO

Press Release – Polaris Industries Inc announces the appointment of Bennett Morgan as president and chief operating officer, effective immediately.

Morgan, 41, is an eighteen-year veteran of Polaris. Prior to this promotion, he was vice president and general manager responsible for leading the company’s all terrain vehicle division, its largest, for the last four years.

Over his career, Morgan has demonstrated success in a wide variety of sales, marketing, and general management roles, including general manager of the Parts, Garments and Accessories Division.

Morgan is taking over the role of President and COO, a position held by Tiller since 1999, and will be charged with the internal operations of the Company and the day-to-day execution. Tiller, as CEO, will focus on strategic issues, the long term direction of the Company and will continue to be the external voice for Polaris.

The Company indicated that separating the duties of CEO and COO has become a necessary step, in part because the company has nearly doubled in size, is growing its international business very rapidly and is facing a larger and more complex competitive and regulatory environment.

150cc Black Widow

Unison’s Black Widow’s agressive styling compliments an oil-cooled 4-stroke 150cc engine with automatic transmission. The sporty look and responsive throttle feel great while enhancing the rider’s off-road skills.

This ATV offers many great features including:

* Electric Start
* Back up kick start
* Foot and hand breaks
* Double A-arm suspension up front
* Swing Arm suspension in the back
* Uniquely styled nerf bars

Visit Unison online at unison-atv.com

Poll Results

Our last poll asked, “If price were no object, what would be your first choice when buying a Big Bore with IRS?”. Out of 1,925 votes, the results were as follows:

23.48% – Sportsman 800 EFI (452 votes)
19.01% – King Quad 700 EFI (366 votes)
18.60% – 660 Grizzly (358 votes)
15.12% – Brute Force 750 (291 votes)
10.91% – 650 Rincon (210 votes)
09.51% – Cat 650 4×4 V-Twin (183 votes)
03.38% – Sportsman 700 EFI (65 votes)

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to participate in our latest poll!!

Elko Nevada ATV Jamboree

Sign-up now for the Elko Nevada ATV Jamboree taking place May 13 – 15, 2005. This event includes guided trail rides at Merritt Mountain and the Adobe Range and an ATV Rodeo featuring mud bog drag races, sled pull and obstacle course.

The trail rides will take place on Friday and Saturday and the Rodeo on Sunday. The Jamboree registration fee includes your hotel room, two dinners, an event T-shirt and the trail rides. A four night package is $300.00 and a three night package is $235.00. The Rodeo event fees are $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for Juniors per event. A FREE barrel race will be held for Peewees.

For registration or more information call Pam Case at 775-738-8421, ext 535 or email her at pcase@redlioncasino.com.

The Best Helmet to Helmet Communication

Collett Platinum Communicators continue to be the best helmet to helmet communication device in the business without question. Owners Les and Sid Collett not only live and breath this business but are also avid motorheads like you.

This year the Collett brothers were so determined to keep the snowmobile trails safer they offered every snowmobile club in Canada and the USA FREE warning beacons for their groomers. As an end of winter treat to their customers they are offering a one-time factory clearance on their awesome Platinum Communicators.

There is a limited supply available so call right away to get yours. Prices have never been so low! Call 1-800-665-7888 and Visit collettcommunicators.com for more details.