CAN-AM OUTLANDER G2: Ride Quality Above and Beyond

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The improvement in sway control on the Outlander G2 is immediately evident as is the incredible improvement in low-speed, small amplitude bump response.

The original TTi felt like it had too much preload in small bumps, even when preload was backed down to nothing.

The rear wheels were persistent in their determination to hop off the dirt, particularly when the throttle was chopped or left closed at mid-speed.

Now, the rear of the G2 stays in contact with the ground, throttle on or off and absorbs gnar like a Sleep Number Mattress set on 62.

The G2 also has a completely re-engineered IFS A-frame suspension up front. The new variable castor setup possesses geometric anti-dive properties that see the front of the G2 remain impressively level under hard braking.

This is accomplished by mounting the upper and lower A-arms in two none-parallel planes, which works in perfect concert with the new TTi out back, deliberately engineered to squat under hard acceleration, keeping the rear meats planted and digging.

The combination of increased compliance from the TTi and the anti-dive properties of the A-arm IFS working with a fully involved anti-sway bar are nothing short of a revelation for Can-Am.

This is now one of the best riding Sport Ute 4x4s in the biz, rivaling Polaris’ all-new Sportsman XP platform for smooth ride and precise handling.

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