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Suppose you’re a big time aftermarket manufacturer interested in sponsoring a racer or even a whole team. How do you guarantee your investment will actually be worth the expense?

Honestly, there’s no guarantee for the sponsor because it’s up to the racer to make a good return on a sponsorship investment.

During the first few months of a new year there seems to be a flood of requests hitting big companies for product and or discounts on products. If you (the racer) wait until January or February to start sponsorship hunting you may be too late.

Most companies start reviewing possible riders to support in the tail end of September and all of October or November of the year prior.

Suppliers need to know what they will get for their contribution to your race program. It’s a business, just like your racing career is a business and this marketing relationship has to work for them in order for you to receive any goodies.

As a representative of a sponsor’s product, you must be respectful on and off the track to everyone. Be spot-on with what you promise to potential sponsors and provide them with plenty of reasons to want to be a part of your program. Having a neat and tidy appearance at the track is key as well. Remember, your image is their image.

Way before they even consider what type or level of help a sponsor¬ís willing to give they’re thinking, “What do I get for my sponsorship?”

Stand out from the other racers and support your sponsor the way they’re supporting you. Be the kind of racer who is a walking, talking example of what they NEED to make their product look good.

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